Re: [CR]American Classic seatposts:IT BROKE

Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 12:44:25 -0500
From: "Martin O. Walsh" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]American Classic seatposts:IT BROKE
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Hi David and CR listees, I had an American Classic seatpost on my mid 1980's Trek bicycle. It BROKE! AMERICAN CLASSIC SENT ME A NEW SEATPOST NO QUESTIONS ASKED! The part that broke was the UPPER CLAMP PIECE. The seat angle adjusting bolt HAD a sharp point and started a stress point. The AMERICAN CLASSIC WARRANTY replacement post had much more aluminum in the section of the UPPER CLAMP PIECE of the new seatpin. David's reference to the website he lists below gives a good picture of the design of the AMERICAN CLASSIC SEATPOST. I could find no reference to the age of the AMERICAN CLASSIC seatpost company, nor a website for the business "American Classic". I apologize to the list if this post is borderline off topic, but I feel that a risky seatpost clamp is cause for concern and inspection. When my post broke, it gave way partially and then I was able to just finish the ride standing up back to the car. I thought American Classic was a great company to deal with and they were very responsive!!! I subsequently ordered an American Classic, French size seat post for my old Gitane but have never installed it after reading so many posts stressing the importance of "original parts" to the "PATINA" of the bicycle. David if I remember correctly my broken seatpost had the red plug you mention. I would call American Classic on Monday...... Yours truly, Martin Walsh in Vienna,Virginia cross country skiing in "Wild and Wonderful West Virginia" yesterday in short sleeves and loving it, and bicycling at home back in the DC area today 60 F

David Bilenkey wrote:
> Eric Elman mentioned in his for sale posting:
> > 27. American Classic seatpost, used. Very good condition, top 5" of post
> > are clean, light insertion marking below that, 27.2 I don't know anything
> > about these but it came on my ~1975 Ron Cooper so presume it is from that
> era.
> > $10
> I have what I think is an older one of these. Can anyone fill in the details
> on the history of these posts?
> A Google search led me to this:
> And interestingly the one I have doesn't have this type of section for the
> main portion of the post, and it seems to have a red plug in the top. Does
> this tell us anything about age? The current American Classic website makes
> no mention of the history.
> David Bilenkey
> Ottawa, Ontario, Canada