Re: Re[CR] Fixed Gear Braking

From: "John Pergolizzi" <>
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Subject: Re: Re[CR] Fixed Gear Braking
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 14:04:26 -0500

Sorry Chuck for my mis-reading. I missed You, but I'll aim again. Heh,heh. Seen allot of much sicker guys then me, mostly N.Y.C. bike messengers, delivering in mid town Manhatten traffic w/o brakes. Certainly not what I advocate. Theory will sudenly be over run by reality. ciao, GianTindaro Pergolizzi 48x17, the magic gear SoCal.

Chuck Schmidt wrote:
> Sorry John, but you missed my point.

Had everything to do with riding
> a track bike (no brake) on the road, instead of riding a fixed gear road
> bike which includes a front brake.
> Modifying your riding style because you can't effectively stop in an
> emergency situation without a brake? Sounds good in theory; everyday
> reality is something else.
> Key point: I'm not willing to ride at a slower pace because I can't stop effectively.