Re: [CR]fixed gear gearing?

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Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2003 22:37:14 -0400
From: Warren & Elizabeth <>
Subject: Re: [CR]fixed gear gearing?

48X18 is just the ticket for commuting in my of the flat asphalt. I prefer a 16 but it hurts my aging knees. My fork came guilt. Although I can lock up my rear wheel, it would never stop me as quickly as my little Weinman front brake with it's little BMX lever. It lets me go faster and has saved my butt on a couple of occasions.

Drivers are pathetic. Cabs are a menace. Pedestrians are the worst. Doors are the enemy. Be careful out there.

Warren "18 years of commuting & counting" Young Toronto

>In this recent thread regarding stopping fixed gear bikes several people
>have mentioned their choice of gearing for road use. It sounds like
>everyone is using a higher gear then me. I started using a fixed wheel
>for road riding in about 1973. The old timers that coached us advocated
>a 63" gear (42x18). I've stuck with that through my 14 year racing
>career and the 16 years since. What do you guys ride?
>Jamie Swan - Northport, N.Y.