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A suggestion: after a customer of mine having a similar experience re a bike he bought online, when I have packed bikes for shipping since I take digital photos of the bike with packing material on it and of the bike in the box before closing and email them to the customer. I suggest using Fed Ex ground if they serve your area--cheaper by a few pennies and they seem more
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> My faith, what little there was to begin, in UPS has just evaporated once again. I received a Vintage bicycle frameset from UPS at the end of February. It had a massive hold in the base of the bike box and the fork was completely missing! The box was pressed inward and had been double lined with another cardboard inner lining which was also pierced. The frameset was damaged but repairable. A minor dent in the top tube and some scratches. I can live with this. So I went to UPS and they inspected and said it looked like a forklift blade went through. No problem I thought. Today I get notified, they denied the claim. The complete box was insured for $300. I only claimed $75 on the fork telling the inspecter the frame was repairable. I try and work nicely with UPS and other deliveries, Now I wonder why?!? They don't try and work with their customers!
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