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Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 14:01:38 -0500
Subject: [CR]FS: ITM and Nitto Randonneur Handlebar s

All CRs:

The various remarks on Randonneur handlebars has prompted me to reply:

I have for sale one NIR (new in wrapper) ITM "Marathon" randonneur-style handlebar. It is a size 44 outer-outer, black anodized, no-groove, with 26mm diameter. This bar has an extended radius in the outer corners, so it provides an extra wide grip area for riding on the corners for the long haul. It's an ususual bend but for the right application it looks first-rate.

It's wasn't what I expected, so I'm selling if off. Original cost was $60, (with shipping from the UK on top of that). I'll let it go for $40 with shipping included.

Also, I have one new Nitto /Rivendell "Noodle" bar, new but test-fitted, in a size 41 cm c/c, with a 26mm sleeve. This is a nice bar for a smaller person. Original cost was $42 plus ship, $35 gets it with shipping included. This bend is a bit more like a classic Randonneur style.

jPegs and specs are available offlist to those interested.


Andrew Gillis (very winnnddddyyy in Long Beach, CA)

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