Re: [CR]UPS and other shippers

Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 14:05:06 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]UPS and other shippers

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<< I guarantee a box that's insured for $2000 gets at least a second look over one that's only insured for $100. >>

I'm not sure the fork lift driver or handler/loader in the warehouse knows each box's insured value. I've had bikes, etc., worth less than $100 and worth more than $1000 equally damaged by UPS. Once I took the time to politely ask my delivery driver not to DROP my bikes off his truck onto my driveway. Now every time he delivers a box where something is sticking out, he preempts my comment by saying 'that's how HE got it.' And "this end up" arrows are ignored by UPS...most damage I've had has been from bikes crushed on their sides/ends and even one had the top of a seat lug peened over from being dropped upside down...I had to work it with a file to insert a post. And it had been protected by a plastic shipping plug...arghhh!

Federal Express has been better, but I've only shipped frames with them, and frames seem less problematic that complete bikes. I'm sure some of you have Fed Ex horror stories too.

Curt is right, insurance is cheap, but its a long, arduous process to settle a claim with $900 one took 6 months...luckily it was for damage to a new bike. Vintage bikes/parts is harder for an adjuster to value. If your car insurance company took that long, they'd lose your business by the time of your next renewal, right?

Done knocking UPS,
Ed Kasper