[CR]Varsity, Oh my dear Varsity

From: Curtistex@aol.com
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 23:37:16 EST
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Varsity, Oh my dear Varsity

Okay so it was a tank but I loved it. I got my Varsity, Racing Green, in about 1970. Like other list members I wanted a Continental or a Supersport but at the time I was in the early years of High School and shoveling snow and mowing lawns. As I remember the last bit of cash that sent me over the purchase price, and extras such as toeclips and an official patch kit, was a miserable job my wicked stepmother set me to, stripping a table and eight chairs with Red Devil Lye.

I rode my treasured tenspeed everywhere. Miles upon miles out into the Illinois countryside, all over town, vying for the affection of several pretty girls and just enjoying the exuberance of youth. I was unaware that there were cyclists, I just knew there was a freedom offered to me for the price of turning a chainring. I rode it in snow, slush and grit. I ran into things and I fell off of it. Somewhere in there I noticed there were some odd bike shops up by the college with Puchs , Astro Damilers, Motobecanes, Puegots, and Bianchis. What ever was all of that about?

How was I to know at that tender age that this Varsity, this laughable collection of gas pipe was to be the key to my future? I never got a driver's license, never owned a car. Precious few bikes have come my way, I have loved them all, and now at 45 I am a weekend racer. I waste countless hours reading about bikes, racers and cycling. I fantasize and dream bikes and it is all because of a green Varsity.

Curtis Whatley
shooting for a 200+ week
Mission, Texas