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Sorry I am behind about 10 days for the Digest. I agree with Jerry Moos at least partially on Japanese bikes. I have always loved the high end Univegas for ride and value. As Brian Bayliss explained, mitering determines a frames strength and is part of a quality frame that is not readily apparent. I have examined a Univega Super Strada after the top tube was bashed with something and a Gran Premio after a crash, and what was painfully apparent by the damage is the top and down tubes were assembled using the lugs as sockets with the tubes not even in contact. Both frames failured at the headlugs which are made of much lower strength steel than the Chrome Moly tubes. Good value but not top end. Brian in Berkeley

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I wouldn't badmouth even the mass-produced Japanese bikes. In my opinion the frame workmanship of the 70's Fuji Newest, Finest and Ace models was as good as and maybe more consistent than a Peugeot PX-10 or a Raleigh International or Pro. The Dura Ace or SunTour/Sugino equipment was of comparable quality to the Campy or Simplex stuff on the European bikes except that the Japanese derailleurs shifted much better. The Japanese didn't do a lot of true custom-made frames, but the truth is most European frames were mass-produced also and the mass-produced Japanese bikes compared pretty well to these. The Japanese bikes lacked the European mystic for US buyers, but they established the excellent value of Japanese components which would soon drive most European component makers out of business.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX