Re: [CR]Mystified by Galli

Subject: Re: [CR]Mystified by Galli
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 03 19:48:00 +1200
From: Wayne Davidson <>

Hi, well where to start, yes the crankset is not made by Gailli as are the shift levers, cannot pass comment on the front deraileur, is similar to simplex but have never had the two at any one time to compare, but the rear deraileur is Galli. As can be seen on the crankset it has the modern logo on it. I have never seen any other brakes with the Galli name on them made by anyone other than Galli.
   Re Mavis brakes, they were made by Modolo. Re late model Gipiemme deraileurs, they were made by Simplex as well, just a different sticker on them.
   Am unable to comment on Rhino/excel as have no brochures or items to say anything on them.......regards wayne davidson Invercargill NZ.