Re: [CR]UPS / FEDEX and the reality of "This End Up"

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Subject: Re: [CR]UPS / FEDEX and the reality of "This End Up"
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 14:20:31 -0600

I just reassembled four bikes for a new customer who moved to my town. Each bike was shipped in a Cannondale box which has the following virtues: Oversized (about 10" thick,) heavy cardboard, bottom fold is well glued together, and C-dale ships their bikes with a separate heavy cardboard pallet to which the frame minus wheels are tied to, the wheels fitting alongside. By apparantly doing nothing but aping the original packing format, the shop that shipped these bikes did a first class job and the machines showed up in fine shape. Classic content: 1980-something Super Record equipped Bottecchia was in one of the boxes. I would not be afraid to ship any bike in a Cannondale box.
David Feldman
Vancouver, WA

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Subject: Re: [CR]UPS / FEDEX and the reality of "This End Up"

> Check with your local bike shop(s) as some do rent out hard side bike
> specific cases as a service to their customers (typically to ship a bike for
> a bike tour...).
> Angel Garcia
> Long Valley, NJ
> > I'm wondering if it wouldn't be worthwhile for list members to rent Trico
> > Iron Cases even though there would be the additional cost of shipping the
> > case back and forth and paying the 30# oversize charge..... Does anyone
> know of
> > shops/suppliers that rent them.
> > Hugh Enox
> > La Honda