Re: [CR]Cyclo "Oppy" Derailleur On ebay

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Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 21:29:48 -0700
From: "Chuck Schmidt" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Cyclo "Oppy" Derailleur On ebay
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Ross W Pullan wrote:
> Gidday,
> there is a Cyclo "Oppy" item number 2165256460 up on ebay at the
> moment. It seems relatively cheap.
> Does anyone know how this compares to the cyclo standard? Does it need the
> spring underneath the chainstay?

Ross, I have no direct experience with this derailleur, I just copied the following description from a 1939 Cyclo catalog that I photocopy (I don't even own the copyright):

"CYCLO-OPPY SOLO (patent) Three & Four Speed

Always ahead of modern racing practice the "OPPY" is a reduction to scale of the original "CYCLO" without impairing performance or reliability. It incorporates a new patented feature in chain tensioning that is only to be found in the most up-to-date, first-class racing gear.

It is not subject to minute chain adjustment causing the chain to slip under pressure. There is nothing to interfere with the quick drop out of the wheel. The lightest of its type. This model is supplied with down tube control with Silver Waterproof transmission, Super chrome finish."

The chain tensioning is incorporated into the body.

Chuck "MR. knowitall" Schmidt L.A. ('39 Cyclo Catalog reprint for sale on web site)