Re: [CR]Scary stuff on e-bay--not mine!

Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 01:43:56 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Scary stuff on e-bay--not mine!

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> If I recall correctly, Steve Tilford, set the North American Hour Record
> using these cranks to push something like a 168 gear inch. I don't
> remember
> if this was the exact gear, but it was insanely huge, due to the mechanical
> advantage of the cam in the cranks. I would need to break out the old
> magazines to confirm... I asked him about it once, and all he said that his
> knees hurt for a very long time afterward...
> Jeremy Haynes

Hey Jeremy, I know your old bike shop Midwest Cyclery (Jeremy was head mechanic) has a used set in one of the glass cases, and I asked about it. Bob the the owner said it made a lot of off-camber noise when ridden, but I know little how it works. That would drive me crazy, how he described the noise. Anyhow, this item is definitely rare and on-topic here. Additionally I met Jeremy and Sarah Gibson (of Old Town Cyclery) just a few months before the 2000 Cyclocross Nationals and highly recommend them as astute keepers of classic bikes. Sarah's shop is the most Bobish or CR oriented shop I have ever seen. Tilford finished 3rd I believe that 20 below day in Kansas, but no Excam cranks! What a great time, cold as hell!

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