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Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 08:36:26 -0800 (PST)
From: "Byron Morton" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]VeloFlex Tires & Challenge Tires
To: James Giacomo Bellora <>,
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I havn't tried VeloFlex yet, but I did pickup a pair or Challenge Open Tubular tires recently. Very classic looking and a nice ride - at least for the first couple of rides...... I'm having a bit of a 'challenge' keeping them on the rims though (sorry for the pun). For the first 200k they worked great, but on about the third ride they started blowing off the rim. i thought at first it might have been a bad seating problem or a twisted tube, etc. so I very carefully installed a new tube, inflated slowly and hand seated the tire as it inflated. I pumped the tires up to 100psi and left the bike sitting in the living room - 5 min later....BOOM! I've gone through about 6 tubes now and can't get them to hold above 75psi. Anyone else experience this problem - or have any advice??? details: Mavic MA3 rims, Velox rim tape, Michelin tubes. thanks, byron morton nashville, tn

--- "James \"Giacomo\" Bellora" <> wrote:
> Mi amici,
> While searching for modern "retro looking" clinchers
> for my 1982 Ciocc project (80's Woblers with Super
> Record hubs), I recently discovered Veloflex tires.
> While some of you many again scrunch your noses, I
> wanted a modern tire rather than NOS rubber that
> looked retro (dryrot knows no season). Believe me,
> with all the colors these days, finding a skinwall
> and black good tire is getting difficile. I happened
> upon handmade Veloflex "Open Tubular" clinchers
> (Corsa model). For those of you who don't know,
> Veloflex was started by the laid off Italian tyre
> artisans of Vittoria when manufacturing was shifted
> overseas. Let me tell you, these tires are handmade
> works of art and simply put--look like tubulars,
> feel like tubulars, and ride like tubulars of yore.
> Favaloso!
> Giacomo Bellora, Falls Church, VA

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