[CR]PX-10E Trade or Keep?

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Date: 21 Mar 2003 23:52:31 -0600
From: "Jim Plaugher" <plaugher@avalon.net>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]PX-10E Trade or Keep?

Hi all, Previously I asked about the first Fuji Ace and mentioned a friend had given me a Peugeot PX10E (I believe). I was looking for a road bike and the 25" frame is my size. The bike was given to him by a friend who had not ridden it in decades and had not ridden it much at all. I want to get a road bike together. I've been a "one bike" guy for 18 years. Spending money on a commuter bike, getting it's lugged frame repainted, Phil hubs, Brooks, Carradice, etc. Being a 1984 Mt. Fuji, it's off topic on a number of counts. Now I would like to also have a lighter, road style bike.

So the dilemna is, the Peugeot seems almost too original for me at this time.(see description below) Before I go spreading the rear triangle to 126 or 130, is any one interested in a trade? Do you have an extra 61-64 frame? , or nice wheelset? Could be from a newer era. Another option is to keep the frame and trade off other parts to those who are restoring PX10s. I could spread the rear triangle, get some clincher wheels, and have a few adventures with French threading and dimensions. Many PX10s have met this fate. Since the bike was shipped in pieces, it has not been ridden. The rear tubular holds air, so maybe I should repack the bearings , borrow a front wheel and go for a ride. Any comments or advice? JIm Plaugher Iowa City IA Description: White with fancy black lugs. Frame is nice with good 531 decals,touch up paint over part of some letters of "Peugeot". There is a "mist" or specks of rust on the head tube. The chrome on the frame and forks is not rusty but the pump clips for the nice Zefal pump are. Also kind of rusty are the cable guides and some of the brake parts. The chrome on the lyotard pedals are very rusty. The first owner used upright "3 speed" bars, so the drop bars show little use. MAFAC is readable in the tan brake hoods. The cyclo freewheel and chain seem hardly worn. The rear rim is a Championnat du Monde with a tattered Mavic label. Front rim says Mavic Record de L' Huere. Normandy Luxe Competion hubs. The Wolber Course tubular in the rear, holds air. Can't read what the front tire is. Stronglight crank. Simplex rear derailleur and steel seat post.I think the Suntour front derailleur is not original. Serial # is 71246.