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Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 06:56:59 -0500
From: ben kamen <dupe@mac.com>
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Subject: [CR]RE: never thought about TIRES/ spoke length?/ WTB: front skewer/ CR list family album

Wayne Bingham wrote:
> Anyway, I'm always on the lookout for vintage-looking contemporary
> quality clinchers. While vintage tubies are okay (and can still be
> found), really-vintage clinchers leave A LOT to be desired. I want my
> vintage bikes that sport clinchers to have the right "look", or close to
> it, but I also want the performance modern tires offer. I also like
> having choices, and will note and compare the options whenever possible.
> I have just ordered a pair of Clement Gavia Pro tires. From the
> pictures, both the Ventoux and the Gavia Pro look very traditional.
> File tread, black with tan sidewall. Even semi-traditional looking
> yellow and blue sidewall labels. We'll see what they look like in real
> life.
> http://www.clement.it

i agree, many of us are looking for the *passable* as classic modern clincher tire. I will have a pair of Gommitalia Calypso (the name cracks me up) tires early next week to try out. I had seen them listed with Excel Sports but never really gave them much thought until i realised that they are $55 for a pair. That they very much look the part (herringbone? ribs and a pale tan sidewall) and are relatively cheap enticed me to check 'em out - if they are a good thing ill post a thumbs up.


I havent tried them myself but Vredestein Fortezza black & tans (available in 20/23/25c size) have a many fans.

As others here have thoughtfully mentioned in this thread there are thankfully many nuovo-classic looking clincher tires to choose from and most look and roll very well. Ok OK ...... not period correct on a classic bike but (maybe im wrong) many of us with only a few (or less) classic bici like to give them dual service as aesthetic indulgences and elegant machines to tinker with, as well as something we can ride, enjoy and get kicks on without fretting or pouring *too* much coin on should we trash a tire. ... ahem .... bici as in bicicletti. We have it good :-)

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... Anyone know of any sites/links to a spoke length calculator that is Mac friendly and has all the rim and hub data. i tried the below link but am getting a little confused with regard to the rear spoke length/s and wanted to double check. http://www.geocities.com/d_halem/wheel/wheel.html

details Effective rim diameter = 605mm (Mavic Open 4CD - 700c clincher) 36 hole - 3 cross lacing pattern, Campy high flange front hub pat.72 road (hollow axle w/ oil clip) Campy high-flange rear hub pat.71 track (solid axle w/ no oil clip), i plan to add 2 or 3mm each side of the rear for my road frame spacing - as its even am i correct in thinking it shouldnt make a difference?

using the above calculator i get 288 front - but - the rear tells me 289.4 left, 287.7 right. sound right? - i am no expert, and just plain dont know. if i gun for 289 left and 288 right is that good enough.

i will of course play it by ear(eye?) with regards to my effective chainline and sprocket width/spacing (im good at fudging). a LBS is very cool in that they will let me in early to use their truing stand, tensionometer, calipers and cut my own spokes. i just wanna do it myself - now that the weather avails i really need to ride lots without coasting :-)

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WTB: any of you cool cats with a front skewer for the above hub? needn't be Campy, but working, ok looking, 70's or 80's is fine. Cheap is all im after - i chose a road(skewer) front hub as when i dont take the front wheel with me (sort of like a theft deterant) i usually chain it with the rear wheel and frame using a short kryptonite chain/lock. if some klepto 5 fingers my skewer then ill always have the campy original in my mussette to ride home on. im too old and fatalistic to disassemble every freakin' thing that could be stolen. cheapest/best wins and i will promise you good karma or will trade for sumthin'.

anyone with mathauser salmon pads (4) or with holders? new or pretty new?

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The Cr list member pics circa 1983 (cut off period) is now with a few more brilliant additions .....


i will add a couple more before announcing the winner of The Grand Prize soon for the best "that could only be the 80's" submission and thereafter will happily add more pics as they come in (the more the better).

sheeet i write a lot - sorry, but at least it aint 4 seperate submissions anyway, if anyone is actually still reading ......

all cyclists are family ... http://www.mmorning.com/article.asp?Article=5110&CategoryID=6

peace y'all

ciao, ben kamen NYC

P.S. where is greg parker, roy. h. drink-H20, e-richie and a few others - sunning in Mustique with Lou D or just out ridin' - im not worried but i havent seen any of them post here of late. this eager student misses their consistent voice/s