[CR]Road trips, Masi Prestige for sale.

From: "Renaissance-Cycles" <info@renaissance-cycles.com>
To: <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2003 14:06:30 +0100
Subject: [CR]Road trips, Masi Prestige for sale.

Hi all!

Got a friend who is in need of some $$$$ flow and he's want to off his Masi Prestige. He says he's the 2nd owner. This is the very first one that I have seen with the Semi oval tubes. Much more less than my old Super Prestige with the pearling of the 3 main tubes. I think this is from the early days of the AERO AGE!

Masi Prestige with fully lugged frameset with semi Oval 3 main tubes, size 57.5 ct / 56 cc with flat panto forkcrown. Believed to be mid to late 80s. Said to have not been raced or crashed. Paint, small chips here and there. Appears that the original painting did not cover very well behind the right side seat stay where it meets the seat lugged, was touched up. Small chipping up and down on the underside of the down tube, thought to be from pebbles hitting this section of the frame. No dings or scrapes! Full Campagnolo SR, less headset and seat post both of which are Campagnolo ( Chorus! ) Cranks arms ( Fluted! ) 172.5, 42 / 52, 3 in the circle. Pedals, SL with non Ti spindles, dust caps are not perfect. Brakes, short reach, block lettering with small tear in one of the hoods. Brake pads in very good condition. Wheelset MAVIC MA40 clinchers with tire wear. 32 hole with Michelin, High lite comps 20mm. H-BAR stem Cinelli 1-A stem 10cm, HB 64-42. Freewheel, Maillard. Chain Shimano. Saddle, older black Rolls in faded condition with no tears. Rear derailleur in very good condition with no major scrapes or dings, Ti bolts in super condition. Brake and gear cables are new. Also, a brand new pair of Gipiemme real gum hoods will be tossed in on the deal. $ 850.- or best offer if no interest from the offer price, plus shipping of about $ 125.- Bike will be broken down and shipped in 2 separate boxes. Frame headset and BB in the 1st and the balance into the 2nd. Frameset will be bubble wrapped then wrapped in paper shrink wrap then Bagged, forks will be wrapped in the same manner and will sit piggy back on the rear end of the frameset. Rear drop outs will be blocked with a block of wood......Better safe than sorry!...................Pics will be available in a day or 2..........Any questions feel free to ask,...............let me know.

And thanks to all who has sent the kind words from the lost of Grand dad and his 3/4'' think pancakes.

MAFAC brakeset update. My supplier is delayed but we are hoping for some news in a day or 2.

BC................And the gang!!