Re: [CR]you forgot one classic American bike, Dale.. (some humor)

Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 13:40:40 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]you forgot one classic American bike, Dale.. (some humor)

Wow,there are wso many forgotten american bikes! I thought I'd need a small trailer to bring a representative sample of the wayside machines . Sure, there are dozens of boutique bikes like the Bruce Gordon, Cecil Behringer, Albert Eisentraut, Strawberry, McLean, Silk hope, and ALL the hundreds like them, but the Trek and things like the Specialized Tesch, the Redcay and Kellogg Rosses, the way early Tom Ritchey, and other bikes with a context and twist are the ones that interest me the most, along with the history of fat aluminum from Bullseye, Klein, Hi-E, Trek, Cannondale make the intetesting assortment in my opinion. Also, even though I am an Atlantis dealer, I've been doing a head scratch since seeing Rivendell in there since lately the CR association chatter started mentioning ages and times of manufacture. Personally, I find in my quirky affections the older C. Itoh and Jupiter Prince bikes more interesting artifacts relating to Grant Peterson.

Neat guy, hope he makes it.

Larry Black
Mt Airy, Md.