Re: [CR]60s Italian fit

Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 13:25:14 +0800
From: Peter Palamara <>
Subject: Re: [CR]60s Italian fit
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The information about sizing in interesting. Perhaps here in Australia we do things differently, but I am being told I need to ride a 50-51cm frame and I am 5'6"

Peter, in Perth, Western Australia (where summer just keeps on rolling....)
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> writes:
> > was wondering if that average 1960's 5ft 7" Italian racer would, on
> > the average, use a 54cm frame as I do?
> >
>No, the average 5'7" Italian would ride about a 57cm frame. A 5'4" rider
>would like likely use a 54cm frame. This rule of thumb only holds for the
>middle sizes.
>Stevan Thomas
>Alameda, CA