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Subject: Re: [CR]Vintage spokes - Favorites
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 09:49:08 -0600

Union continues as Marwi; now best known for titanium spokes.
David Feldman
Vancouver, WA

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> Steven
> My early 80's favorites were the Berg Union chrome-plated butted spokes.
> A mentor-type guy I knew who came from England, had this very cool Condor,
> and he turned me on to these spokes. Wow, they sure had some sparkle!
> I remember some breaking at the butt while truing, and later switched
> to wheelsmith, my fav still.
> Grant McLean
> Toronto.Ca
> Steven Maasland wrote:
> My favorites were always the German Prym double butted spokes with
> the 'Y' on the spoke heads. Stella spokes were OE on most older Italian
> bikes prior to the arrival of Alpina.