Re: [CR](CR) TA Pedal Thread

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Subject: Re: [CR](CR) TA Pedal Thread
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 19:22:43 -0600

Jan, is the Campy BSC 14.23mm or 14.023mm? 14.23 would make the current TA 0.43 mm smaller rather than 0.043 mm smaller. Also, are you saying the current TA is even smaller than the traditional TA French thread?

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Subject: [CR](CR) TA Pedal Thread

> A few weeks ago, there was the question of French vs. BSC pedal
> thread interchangeability. I finally managed to measure a few pedals:
> Campy NR FR: 13.65 mm (OD diameter of threads)
> TA FR: 1.382 mm
> TA latest model (FR + BSC): 13.80 mm
> Campy NR 9/16 x 20 (BSC?): 14.23 mm
> (all measurements with a vernier caliper, so I'd say accuracy is
> about +/- 0.03 mm)
> TA FR and NR FR both fit tightly in French cranks, with no problems.
> So the 0.15 mm smaller diameter of the NR doesn't seem to be a
> problem. The latest model TA is 0.043 mm smaller than the Campy BSC.
> I suspect that TA is correct, and these will work fine on BSC threads.
> However, whether an NR FR pedal would work in a BSC crank is another matter.
> Background info: Current production TA pedals are sold as "working
> for both BSC and FR cranks."
> Jan Heine, Seattle