[CR]Ride Report/SD Swap Meet

Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 08:57:14 -0800
From: Brian Baylis <rocklube@adnc.com>
To: classic rendezvous <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Ride Report/SD Swap Meet

Good Morning Campers!

I had a very busy and long weekend that included many interesting happenings. I'd like to file a report on these events because they are relavent to several aspects of this list. One, out of state visits, which before the list happened were probably rare at best. Now that we all know each other, when someone is in an area not their home, there are often listmembers that one can meet and visit with. I had such a visit this past Fri. and Sat. from Stratton Hammon, visiting (on a mission to pick up a vintage bike) the San Diego area from Kentucky. The second benifit that has come from this list are the gatherings and rides that have resulted from our getting to know each other. As you all know by now, here in the land of the fruits and nuts (California, southern) there is a rather large and active group of vintage bike addicts. We gather for a number of reasons; in this particular case as the final farewell to John Pergolizzi and his three month stay here amongst the OTHER crazies. John was in rare form yesterday; and he was riding fast also; benifiting from the 1600 miles ridden while in Crazyfornia.

My day began last friday with several hours of preparing for a small film crew of USC flim school students who are making a very short documentary on how to build a bike frame. They are shooting 16mm film and going thru all of the motions on all shots, which really takes up the time. Anyway, when they arrived we started in right away and it was about 5:00pm before they left. During that time, a customer who wanted to discuss having a frame built stopped by, and I was unable to accomodate him at that time. A little frustrating for both of us, but I wanted to get the kids out of my shop so I could continue my regular work. Later that evening Stratton Hammon called and we took a quick walk through my shop that had been pretty much upset by having to move all sorts of stuff around so these film students could get the proper lighting. This project had better be good! It sure is taking up some time. Stratton and I had some good pizza and then called it a night. The San Diego Velodrome Swap Meet was happening the following morning so I needed to turn in, having began my day at 6:00am.

I dropped in to the meet fairly early to find a rather small trun out of sellers compared to the later meet and even the normal size of this one. Still, Pergolizzi, Sterling, Ken Wallace, and a few other vintage types were finding a few goodies. I traditionally look for cloth or Benotto plastic handlebar tape in interesting colors. I found some green and dark blue Benotto tape. Cool. I also found the old logo Cinelli stem I needed for $2(!!) to replace one that broke and a TA cyclotourist outer ring in 47 teeth, brand new for $5. That was it for me, and I felt very satisfied. I checked out early so I could come home and work on some bikes. Later that evening Stratton came over again and I showed him my modest collection of obsolete bicycles. The Italian stuff didn't seem to do anything for him, but the few English pieces I had got a little more reaction. I think he liked my Flying Scot in particular, even though it is still being built up. Stratton scored a 1958 George Stratton bike, really original all the way around and in terrific shape. It was worth the trip from KY to pick it up under the ciecumstances. It has Nervex pro lugs and is a nice piece of work. Must have come from the same batch as the one I sold Matt Gorsky a short time ago. Apparently Dr. Clifforn Graves was involved in importing these bikes into San Diego as well. Really nice score, Stratton!

I need to take a break here to get a few things started. I'll get to the ride report shortly. As always, John was a key figure in adding some spice to our ordinarily blah California rides. The weather was absolutely pristine. Actually it was rather warm out. The afternoon breeze blew into us on the way back to Belmont Shore, but it didn't seem so bad on the fixed gear bike. Go get a cup of coffee; I'll be back in a while..................

Brian Baylis
La Mesa, CA
Apparently full of BS.