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Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 09:06:46 -0800

Hi Gang, while not wanting to stir the pot too much, I believe we joined the list to discuss bikes and other related information. Members or past members who verbally abuse list members are a concern for the list at large. I do not support such behavior and want to know when some one is abusing the list especially if it is a continual pattern, so I can stay way clear of them. I want to know about Masi Olympic 1975, was it made in Carsbad, Limited #s?
My 2 cents.
Craig Griffith
San Luis Obispo,ca.

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> what is gained by this?
> i also have an offlist email life that contains salicious
> content from both myself as well as listees with whom
> i privately converse. much of it is on topic. some of it
> is sophomoric. some of it is even embarassing and would
> bring some of its authors to their knees.but it is offlist.
> OFFLIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> so why choose this e-exchange to forward to us?
> address left off as a protest
> Jan Heine <> writes:
> Listers,
> I received the following message upon posting that Caminargents may
> not be quite so rare. I posted the original statement as a disclaimer
> when offering to broker the sale of a Caminargent frame...
> After consulting with the listmaster, I believe that in the interest
> of advancing our knowledge of classic lightweight bicycles, this new
> evidence should be shared with the list.
> Jan Heine, Seattle
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> > >>You have no idea what you are talking about. My advice for you is
> >to simply know when to shut the fuck up!!