RE: [CR]Wishbone stays on vintage Mondonicos?

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Subject: RE: [CR]Wishbone stays on vintage Mondonicos?
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 17:11:59 -0500
Thread-Topic: RE: [CR]Wishbone stays on vintage Mondonicos?
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Dale Brown wrote:

<< Thinking about that question makes me realize that I had never heard of Mondonico until the last 10 years. Obviously they have been around for a

while, as see in Torelli's web site, but all through the early 1970s until maybe mid 1990s I never saw or heard of one. Maybe (most likely) they were not exported to the USA? ...But still, none under teams or in the Euro and Italian magazines I used to scour over and over again... Odd.. anyone else have a distinct 1970s memory of that Marque's presence?

They were sold in the mid-'80's by Bikecology. From their ad on page 145 of the May 1984 issue of Bicycling:

"ITALIAN RACING FRAMES - a new...different approach

3 Superb Artisans -- unknown outside Italy!

Direct import -- wholesale to consumer

Columbus SL/Full Invest Cast Lugs/Campy tips/Loaded with chrome and extras!

Billato -- Most beautiful frame we've seen, 35 micron thick black chrome $489

Rauler -- Trained by Colnago, Classic Italian style $399

Mondonico -- Unusual Cinelli type design, beautiful $399"

Mordecai Silver