Re: [CR]Raleigh frame is breaking seatpost binder bolts

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Subject: Re: [CR]Raleigh frame is breaking seatpost binder bolts
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 08:58:19 -0800

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Subject: Re: [CR]Raleigh frame is breaking seatpost binder bolts

> Wayne Bingham wrote:
> > That said, Campy's binder bolts are not as robust as they should be.
> > The bolt is weak, and almost always breaks at the same place, at the
> > last thread below the crown. Anyone know of a source for a high
> > quality, hardened stainless steel binder bolt assembly?

and Chuck commented:
> In the mid 1970s there were stainless steel seat binder bolts made by
> Andrew Hague Cycle Engineering in England. They are marked in tiny
> letters on the heads "ANDREW HAGUE". Mario Confente used these binder
> bolts on his frames after turning down the heads of the bolts to a domed configuration.

In 1972/73 I was working at a shop that sold quite a few all Campy bikes. I had a lot of customers come back with broken (not stripped) Campy seat lug bolts. Determined to find an solution, I developed an "unbreakable" seat lug bolt which I produced in 5 lengths in both black oxide and chrome plate finish. I sold many thousands of them including many to OEMs. It was one of the first Jevelot products. I only made the bolts to fit a 1/4" hex key on both sides, so I had to put up with ribbing from Don Millberger of Bicycle Research, among others, about about how the bolts were "not metric like Campy". True enough, but they didn't ever break.

Hugh Enox