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Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 14:46:14 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Campy BMX cranks

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> Hi Tom,
> The Campy BMX group was Campagnolo's attempt to capitalize on the mid 1980s
> shift to BMX in the USA. Their marketing effort did not work as planned
> because there was no migration path for buyers to go from cheaper BMX parts
> to more expensive road bike parts.
> The Campy BMX group appeared in the Campy 1982 Olympic Supplement catalog
> and listed component anodized colors as gold and metallic blue. The
> crankset used was 144 b-c-d made from Campy Pista track CNC machine designs
> with a 46T chainwheel, but was labeled as BMX instead of Pista. I own one
> of these gold colored cranks and use it on my criterium frameset. The
> colored hubs were not Pista high flange not low flange, but a hub size that
> is between those other dimensions. I don't know if these hubs used a
> standard size locknut. I am also unsure about the OEM BB size because I
> assembled mine with a true Pista BB set.
> As far as rings, any 1/4 inch 144 bcd Campy, Sugino, or Gipiemme chainring
> will likely do. The original BMX chainrings were anodized which can be
> difficult to remove properly. As you are already aware, keep in mind that
> any 3/32 chain or chainrings will not work properly with a track hub and
> that a special size of track chain ring bolt is needed that differs from
> road chainring bolts. I currently run a 46 - 13 combo, but if you get other
> chainrings off ebay, there are a greater variety of chainwheel/cogs in
> mostly a siver aluminum color. Used ebay chainrings generally sell at
> auction from $10 USD to $30 USD. A complete new chainwheel set can be
> purchased from for $120 (?) and a used ebay Campy
> BMX chainwheel set goes for approx $80 USD (as low as $65).
> I hope this helps,
> Steve Neago
> Cincinnati, OH

Steve I have a few of the mini groups and pieces and also their bmx boom counterparts the Cinelli BMXframe and groupos in the different colors. I was totally unaware of the new flange size!! Are we sure of that?? One can run 1/2 x 1/8 (track/some bmx) chain on 3/32 (road/pursuit) rings with minimal impactWe routinely have used road double chainwheel bolts, too. reversing the chainwheel to defeat the recess in the chainwheel is the trick there, unless cosmetic orientation is a factor.
Larry Black
Mt Airy, Md