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But just think -- you can stock up now! ;-)

Hey, if I could go back to 1983...

Dennis Ryan Louisville, KY

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So, in 2016 we will be discussing the merits of the bygone 9 speed platform and low spoke count wheels and carbon forks mounted on aluminum Coppi's? I can't wait for that....... And the scrounging for replacement return springs for Dura Record STI levers is going to be a blast.

Tom Martin Oakland CA looking forward to a future of Nostalgia

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> So many trends (as Kris Green said) were in evidence in the 1984 era-- I
> brought over the Nevada Ski binding-based Look black and white pedals
> from France after seeing them in LeCycle; then Hinault and LeMond used
> them in the TdF and in the Coors later the next summer. When I ride my
> Vitus 979 equipped with CLB SpaceLine brakes, Mavic/Nisi wheels, and
> first generation Shimano click shifters with the Looks, I feel that it
> is definitely more closely related to my present generation Ti/Carbon
> Shimano 9 rider. For this reason, I think there is a limit to just how
> far Dale can extend the "classic era" forward from approximately 1984.
> Ken Wehrenberg, enjoying the very prolonged spring in Hermann, MO