Re: [CR]The 1983 date for CR list

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Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 19:55:25 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]The 1983 date for CR list

Dale and all CR "Garage Rats,"

<< This discussion has reminded me of the battle I am personally having about the 20 year cutoff or rolling the CR date forward each year... Yes, it would eventually embrace some pretty odd/cool stuff like "C-Record" but it also would be forced to include stuff that is totally opposite the velo-appeal we (mostly) agree upon.

Therefore, despite previous thoughts, I am strongly inclined to freeze the CR cut off at 1983!

Seeing as how y'all are friends hanging out my garage, what do you think? I promise to listen but not necessarily take your advice! >>

I think a "freeze" @ 1983 will not endure, and I'm not in favor of it in any case.

If we "fast forward" say, twenty years or so, won't (for example) down tube index shifters (they already do it seems) seem "quaint and classic?"

I think that bicycles (and bicycling) is still evolving to such an extent, that a rigid difinition of "Classic" will not allow for a future interpretation? I do think there should be some parameters, so let's start there..........for example, is my 1958 Claud Butler not "classic" because it is fillet brazed and not lugged, or it is because it is a 1958 (has a nice headbadge though!)?

My 1985 Pinarello is outside the cutoff date. It has lugs (mojo - I think??) pedigree, has an understated "classic" appearance, but doesn't qualify because of the serial number. This seems too rigid to my thinking.

Let's do it the way they do it in government - form a committee!!!!

I nominate Dale as chairman!!

Thoughts From The Edge............

Chuck Brooks Malta (people are saying it's finally SPRING - but I'm not convinced!!) NY