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Subject: [CR]1983 et al discussion REDUX R-Rec/CdA

Brothers and Sisters, Nuovo/Super Record is a good and even natural cutoff.... even still there was so much out there it was on bikes for some time after production halted....and then C-Rec/Croce d'Aune started.....and sits on the cusp as the end of the old era or the beginning of the new era, depending on your own perspective. In this '85-'88 or so timeframe you could still get High Flange C-Record, High Flange Chorus and High Flange Triomphe hubs. The Croce d'Aune rear derailleur as well looked back rather than forward at the future. So do we let these items languish in purgatory? Perhaps they can be lightly discussed/whispered about in terms of their ties with the past.

My $02 .....Timeframe = ENSE*

ENSE=End of Nuovo/Super record Era

* = C-Record/Croce d'Aune conversations tolerated as end of friction shifting era "on the cusp" topics.

Matthew Cwreak Gorski
White Cross Shore, CA

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> Tom Sanders wrote:
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> > Let's hope he pushes it out far enough to encompass Campagnolo C Record.
> I'd say that the 1985 Campagnolo C Record was their aero version of the
> Shimano AX aero stuff from 1981. And you had the down tube friction
> shifters (clutch like retro friction Simplex/Mavic). So if AX is within
> the timeline limit, by the same logic so should C Record.
> With Campagnolo Synchro I'd say... out.


> Chuck Schmidt

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