Re: [CR]English Tire Size Question

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Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2003 11:13:49 -0700
From: Brandon Ives <>
To: Peter Jon White <>
Subject: Re: [CR]English Tire Size Question
cc: VintageBikes <>
cc: VintageBikes

On Tuesday, June 03, 2003, at 10:47AM, Peter Jon White <> wrote:
>That's the standard 26" size for Raleigh three speed bikes like the Sport.
>It was one of the most common tire sizes in the sixties.

Just to add to what Peter said there were a few nicer touring/rough-stuff style bikes made with the EA-3 sized tires and someone made some nice alloy rims in this size at one time too. A new question, did anyone except the British use this size very much? I know lots of folks used it for their "town" bikes, but did any makers outside of England use it for their "performance" bikes? thanks, Brandon"monkeyman"Ives In misty foggy Santa Barbara, Calif. ++++++++++++++++++++ Nobody can do everything, but if everybody did something everything would get done. --Gil Scott-Heron-- ++++++++++++++++++++