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Date: Tue, 03 Jun 2003 21:31:04 -0400
From: Pete Rutledge <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Pinched dropout from shipping
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Had the same thing happen on my '72 Paramount a couple of months ago. Just like yours, the drop-out on one side was closed a couple of millimeters. I put a Craftsman pry bar (the kind with a tapered drift on one end and slightly angled, wedged-shaped pry on the other end) in the drop-out opening (with the pry bar aligned with the chain stay and easily pried it open. Took very little force to pry it open. The dropout is chromed and the slight bending needed did not harm the chrome or anything else in the slightest.

Pete Rutledge
Woodbridge, VA

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Subject: [CR]Pinched dropout from shipping

> Hi,
> I had a bike shipped to me UPS and it was damaged. The right rear drop out
> was pinched making it impossible to fit the rear wheel. It's pinched 2 mm
> narrower than the axle. Can't tell if the derailleur is damage until i get the
> wheel on however it looks ok. The bike was insured and UPS is coming to take a
> look. Can the dropout be repaired? It's a steel, frame, Reynolds 531c.
> George Elanjian
> Los Angeles