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Subject: Re: [CR]Richard Sachs interview in Rivendell Reader
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 11:09:51 -0700
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Grant PetersEn ... not PetersOn.

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From: Jan Heine
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Subject: [CR]Richard Sachs interview in Rivendell Reader

> For those who haven't seen it yet: the latest Rivendell Reader has

\r?\n> an extensive interview with Richard Sachs.


\r?\n> I found especially interesting the comments on oversize tubing,

\r?\n> frame geometries (he laments the "Americanization" of racing bike

\r?\n> design) and frame stiffness.


\r?\n> For those who don't subscribe to the Reader, I can recommend it

\r?\n> wholeheartedly. (


\r?\n> Disclaimer: Grant Peterson is a friend, and he has helped me

\r?\n> publicize my Vintage Bicycle Quarterly when it first got started.


\r?\n> Jan Heine, Seattle