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Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 12:30:03 -0700
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Don't see too many panel decals on top tubes or stays ...

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> Steven,


\r?\n> Isn't that why panel decals were invented?


\r?\n> Last spring when my custom built, 2 month over due (& off topic)

\r?\n> frame finally arrived, I dashed into the service shop at the

\r?\n> bikestore I work at. Since it was pouring rain outside, the stairs,

\r?\n> and my shoes were wet, and before I knew it, my frame was flying

\r?\n> across the floor, stopped only by the metal edge of the door jam contacting

\r?\n> my downtube. Titanium sure doesn't dent easily!! But the scratch

\r?\n> convinced me I really did want the black panel decal on the downtube,

\r?\n> after all.



\r?\n> Grant McLean

\r?\n> Toronto.Ca


\r?\n> > Steven,

\r?\n> > I understand your view about this, but nicks, scratches and other

\r?\n> > "badges of honor" are meant to be earned out on the road, not the

\r?\n> > result of a mechanic fumbling with a greasy wrench. It's aggravating

\r?\n> > for me to have a customer due to pick up his high zoot Candy pearl /

\r?\n> > fade tiger- striped flame painted wonder bike in the morning and the

\r?\n> > mechanic comes back to my hovel at 4 pm the day before with a nice

\r?\n> > big chip on the top tube and ask "Can you make this look like it

\r?\n> > never happened?" It's unacceptable in our shop for this to happen,

\r?\n> > so our "constructeur" uses low tack blue painter's masking tape

\r?\n> > (available at Home Depot) and runs a length of this tape on top of

\r?\n> > the down tube, top tube, seat stays and chainstays ( you can also

\r?\n> > put some on the fork blades if you wanna be real safe). We buy it in

\r?\n> > 1" and 2" widths for different size tubes. I've seen him drop

\r?\n> > wrenches on the frame from time to time and they bounce off the tape

\r?\n> > with no harm done to the finish underneath. Many headaches are

\r?\n> > avoided this way. When all work is done, simply pull the tape off

\r?\n> > and clean any residue with some Pledge or other mild cleaner. If the

\r?\n> > paint comes off with the tape, THAT is a whole 'nother problem altogether.

\r?\n> > Many times people will pick up their bike and remark that "It's too

\r?\n> > nice to ride". I tell them that the bikes are made to be ridden no

\r?\n> > matter how beautiful and to not worry about scratches, because we

\r?\n> > won't live long enough to see these bikes attract insane monetary

\r?\n> > value, so enjoy them. One last note, if your bike does get scratched,

\r?\n> > put some kind of paint over the gumby to seal it from the air. If

\r?\n> > you don't, this is where rust will start to creep in and gradually

\r?\n> > deteriorate the area. I don't care what kind of paint it is, Testors,

\r?\n> > fingernail polish or whatever, just cover any bare metal or primer.

\r?\n> > Ride your bike and accept the nicks and scratches; they all have a

\r?\n> > story to tell.

\r?\n> >

\r?\n> > Joe Bell

\r?\n> > San Diego

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\r?\n> > > on 06/03/2003 11:29 PM, Joe Bell at wrote:

\r?\n> > >

\r?\n> > > > Steven wrote:

\r?\n> > > > e-RICHIE's gonna hate what I do to JB's paint job before

\r?\n> > > > the frame he builds me ever rolls on pavement.

\r?\n> > > >

\r?\n> > > > Steven,

\r?\n> > > > What ARE you gonna do to the paint job?

\r?\n> > > > I wanna know.

\r?\n> > >

\r?\n> > >

\r?\n> > > If I run true to form for every bike I've ever built up for myself, I'll

\r?\n> > > have wrench slip and put a small chip in the paint ... as I did with

\r?\n> both

\r?\n> > of

\r?\n> > > my Rivendells (1 top tube, 1 seat stay), my Waterford track bike (chain

\r?\n> > > stay), and my Cooper (down tube).

\r?\n> > >

\r?\n> > > While never on purpose, it helps me get over NBS (new bike syndrome)

\r?\n> > really

\r?\n> > > quick.

\r?\n> > >

\r?\n> > > NBS defined: "I can't ride that bike, it's new and will get dirty!!!"

\r?\n> > >

\r?\n> > > If a bike is not pristine, then there's no disincentive to ride it!

\r?\n> > <grin>