Re: [CR]Was Asphalt/Cirque/Dave Staub / now Asphalt & REX

Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2003 20:23:20 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]Was Asphalt/Cirque/Dave Staub / now Asphalt & REX

Asphalt and the new Vintage Bicycle Quarterly from Jan Heine are both great magazines. I can sense an effort by the editors to publish quality, sometimes missed when the editors just want to meet deadlines and fill pages. I'm sure Asphalt will eventually solve their own deadline problems, but for now, just keeping it going is enormously satisfying when I find it in the mailbox. And, Dave Staub, I read several of your ride descriptions to my wife. The best part was glossing over the actual ride from Belgium to Nurnberg on a track bike--then finding out that your buddy was really stationed 30 miles away, I love it. We spent 6 years in Bavaria and for those who haven't ridden there, riding that track bike on the road must have been a real adventure. Riding it from Belgium to Nurnberg had to be more than an adventure, that was insane, even in the late 50s. And, Munchen, damn it, Munchen, not Monaco. That was hysterical. I don't know how many times we have had that same foolish feeling with language differences. "Haben sie ein zimmer fur zwei". Almost always produced a room without further embellishment so I guess we did it right. Thanks for a wonderful read. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL