RE: [CR]eisentraut Celo Europa connection

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Subject: RE: [CR]eisentraut Celo Europa connection
Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 09:40:14 -0400
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I find Henry tends to ramble/babble a bit in his auction descriptions, well in real life too actually.:-P

I've seen this frame. It is an Eisentraut Limited, and at some point it the past it was repainted and for some reason decaled as a Celo Europa. Why, one can only guess. He had offered it to me as it's my size, but the fact that it no longer sported it's original paint and decals turned me off a bit. Well at least to the point where I wasn't really interested in paying what he was asking for it as I would have felt like it needed a repaint and re-decal. The paint that's on it is in nice shape though, and except for that ding in the down tube it's in great shape. Looking at the auction pics again it seems redder in those shots than I recall. I seem to remember the colour as more of a red-brown-copper (light root beer?). Pretty. No idea where the touch-up paint would have come from.

The seatstays seem the same as another Limited I saw recently.

The Celo Europa-Colnago thing is Henry saying that Celo Europa had his frames made by Colnago (at least that's what he believes).

David Bilenkey Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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> While doing my morning perusal of e-bay I came across a
> listing for an "Eisentraut|American Classic|Colnago"
> The bike is listed as an Eisentraut Limited
> also states "Has Celo Europa Decals who has frames built by Colnago under
> his name "
> I guess I'm a bit confused.
> Did Albert build Celo Europa Frames?
> I was never aware of Celo Europa as a framebuilder but
> only as a brandname.
> The seatstay treatment seems to be different than my limited,
> however I'm not at home to verify that.
> The Ebay Item is:

I apologize if I'm stepping on anyones toes here, I'm just rather curious about this.

Marty Eison
Finally Raining in
Dallas, Texas