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Marcel is a complicated guy....always in the shadow of his 'pal' Ernesto. He had shops next to the Manhattan Beach Pier (?) and in Corona del Mar. I vaguely remember him having a short lived shop in Dana Point but all was distilled to the shop in Laguna Niguel now 10-15 years there (?) He has at times sold me panto'd and other rare/oddball stuff that was "really only on display" and other times showed me no recognition and couldn't be bothered selling anything. He has /had some really cool mid 80's Colnago Masters, Krono's and other showbikes that he wanted a kings ransom for. I have been told by him on several occasions that I couldn't afford any of these bicycles when I asked about them.....( I smiled each time knowing that I could easily buy and sell him) yet again other times he could explain and talk about the bicycles at length. The current shop is well worth a look....I think it's at La Paz and Moulton Parkway....

Matt Gorski
Celo Shore, CA

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> > Weren't Celo Europa frames built by Marcel who now owns a bike shop in
> > Orange County or am I confusing the name? Dave Staub would know.
> No, they were always from Ernesto Colnago. Marcel had a long
> relationship with them dating back to the 70s and the shop he had in
> Hermosa Beach (Manhattan Beach?), CA.


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