Re: [CR]regardin matteo s masi

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Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2003 13:59:28 +0200
Subject: Re: [CR]regardin matteo s masi
From: matteo brandi <>
To: <>, classic rendezvous bikelist <>
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> matteo,


\r?\n> What I can say is that I believe the odds are heavily in favor of that

\r?\n> frame NOT having been built by Faliero himself. I would say that the

\r?\n> odds are heavily in favor of the probability that the frame was

\r?\n> "commissioned" by Faliero for the purpose of selling to someone in

\r?\n> particular as a "favor" from Faliero.


\r?\n> Brian Baylis

\r?\n> La Mesa, CA




\r?\n>> SO Brian,lemme get thi s straight,that bike was made by someone else,and not

\r?\n>> Faliero?Let reply on-list,lets make e-Richie happy with another masi thread.


\r?\n>> Teo Brandi Fiorenza Italia