Re: [CR]regardin matteo s masi

Date: Sat, 07 Jun 2003 07:39:23 -0700
From: Brian Baylis <>
To: matteo brandi <>
Subject: Re: [CR]regardin matteo s masi
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No worries Matteo, I understand what you want to know and I am not opposed to explaining my opinions on this topic. No need to be concerned that I might take it personal or be offended. We're here to share and learn. My proclaimations are in this case based on the "odds" of one case being true as opposed to another. I'll do my best to be clear and accurate on this so that maybe we can all come away with some good information.

Right now I need to run to the welders' supply to get some brazing gas and then I am off to the Velodrome to ride with the vintage gang. I'll get into this in detail this afternoon. My theories on this matter come from several places; my personal contact with Faliero, my understanding of the Italian system of framebuilding relationships, the frame itself, and in the case of comparison of Brett Hortons' DeRosa, seeing the actual frame in person.

Nothing personal regardless of whom I'm addressing, always interested only on the facts. There is a lot of BS that comes along with this industry; it's our job to try and make sense of it and hopefully to establish some accurate historical information on the subjects at hand.

Stay tuned.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA

> > matteo,
> >
> > What I can say is that I believe the odds are heavily in favor of that
> > frame NOT having been built by Faliero himself. I would say that the
> > odds are heavily in favor of the probability that the frame was
> > "commissioned" by Faliero for the purpose of selling to someone in
> > particular as a "favor" from Faliero.
> >
> > Brian Baylis
> > La Mesa, CA
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> >> SO Brian,lemme get thi s straight,that bike was made by someone else,and not
> >> Faliero?Let reply on-list,lets make e-Richie happy with another masi thread.
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> >> Teo Brandi Fiorenza Italia