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Subject: [CR]John Howard - Champion Cyclist

Now THAT is cool !

I've been lucky enough to meet John Howard , very briefly , several times . He always seemed to be a truly nice guy .

And HOW many times was he on the U.S. Olympic Team ??

I happened to be living in Austin , Texas , when he happened to move to Austin , back in the mid-1980's . My room-mate and I had a great apartment overlooking both Shoal Creek , the creek , and also Shoal Creek , the boulevard running beside the creek . Shoal Creek Blvd. was a favorite with cyclists , especially after they put in the narrow "Bicycle Lanes" along both sides .

Occasionally , I'd look out the small kitchen window of that apartment , and see Mr. John Howard climbing the fairly steep and winding hill . I'd yell something stupid out the window like , "Sprint John , Sprint !" He'd look around , trying to find the location of the fanatic cycling fan . I don't think he ever did figure out where that mystery voice was coming from .

Raoul Delmare
Marysville Kansas

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> Here in San Diego, a few years ago, I ran into Marianne Berglund a few
> times on the road, and she always said hello. I believe she is still in the
> area, still fit, and someone (I have to check into this) told me she was teaching
> Spin classes at the gym up the block from my house. Haven't seen her on the
> road, but that does not mean she is not out there.
> On another classic rider thread, John Howard lives a few miles from me, I see
> him weekly going one way or the other, and he also is very friendly. He
> trains folks privately and in groups. Twice his group has absorbed me while in
> a paceline, and after riding behind me a few pedal strokes, John rode up next
> to me, put his hand on my back, and invited me to ride along.
> Mark Rosenberg
> Carlsbad, CA