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Subject: FW: [CR]Who made what Masi discussion my upset two cents
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Seems to me money and age are not reason enough for some one to not keep rekindling the flame. That is if one still has the passion. Appears to me most learned skills don't fade away once they are learned. Old dogs do remember old tricks.

No facts...just vintage skilled opinion.

Nick Zatezalo Atlanta,Ga

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I'm not sure I understand your point. But for what it's worth, as Chuck stated, my interest in Masis is sincere. I want to learn and contribute to our body of knowledge.

Regarding work and age; my statements pertained only to Faliero Masi as I knew him and relative points. Age was not the primary factor; lack of practice and the fact that he was recently made rich by Roland Sahm have a lot more to do with what I was trying to say. There was no reason nor need for Faliero to "come out of retirement" to build a one off, amongst other things. I don't believe I insulted anyone; and I most certainly did not intend to. Matteo and I are friends as are Steve and I. We are seeking facts and trying to verify by scientific methods these questions.

No need to fret though Sam, I'm not offended by your opinion. You are entitled to it and I welcome it. Others may be concerned, I am not. We're still buddies too, as far as I know.

I just got back from an "Epic" Sunday ride with Joe Bell on our matching early 70's Colnago Supers. It just happens to fit in very nicely with what I have to say about frame design and small bikes/riders. It does extend to the larger frame sizes as JB will attest. Give me some time to write it up, many may find some "interesting" information contained therein.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA
> I have been reading some comments about Matteo's Masi,
> Brian maybee you are just getting old because I know an 85 year old auto body
> man who works in Riverside and still does classic cars banging on the metal
> and painting them. His skills are still sharp and he is better at it then I
> ever was or will be. To say that a builder might not be able to braze because
> he is 70. My Dad retired at 63 but at 70 he could still do better auto body
> work than I can today. Why is it such a big deal to put down the idea that
> a master frame builder came out of retirement to build a one off. Why do we
> have to insult the owner of the frame and fight over decals. Italy is a
> place of romance, that goes for bikes as well.
> Leave it alone whatever you have again Masi it is getting old
> Sam DiBartolomeo Riverside CA