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For the 1995 "model year" , the then-new owners of the Schwinn bicycle company invested in some serious re-tooling , to build the 1995 100th Year Anniversary Schwinn Phantom Bicycles . They were available as Black Phantoms , Red Phantoms , & Green Phantoms .

The serious research and serious investment , for this project , resulted in a great many reproduction parts and components . They did it right , or as right as they possibly could ! All parts were very high quality . The then-new owners of Schwinn also did something smart . They sold some of the reproduction parts over the counter , to collector's of vintage balloon-tire Schwinns .

People did something smart , they hoarded . Schwinn was amazed at the huge popularity of the reproduction parts . They made more examples available , of the things they'd already marketed . Plus , they marketed a wider variety of reproduction items . The stuff sold ! Consumers hoarded . Shops hoarded . Everybody knew this was a once in a lifetime chance . As the final step , Schwinn over-produced .

( then they did some of the same things with reproduction Schwinn Krate Sting-Rays also . . . )

So , when Schwinn went bankrupt most recently ( again ) there were still a few "Anniversary Phantoms" , and a few parts , left over in a warehouse or two . Schwinn did a nice thing . At the last , at the very end , they contacted the dealerships with a very special offer , of the "limited production" items , at low-low prices . Stuff sold quickly . When Schwinn officially went into receivership , the bicycles were gone-gone . I know that there were some "nostalgic" items left over for the receivers to liquidate . But , the historically accurate reproduction parts were , I think , all gone as well .

So , everyone is a WINNER ! Because there are STILL new reproduction parts available out there ! The only folks who didn't come out big winners were the ones who thought prices would triple in 2 years . Prices are gently going up , 8 years later . For those who will have hung onto the parts for 10 years or more , there will be some profits . But , no gold mine .

Rubber block pedals ??

Could you use the ones originally designed for the middle-1950's Schwinn Phantoms ?

The bicycles were required , as all new bicycles are , to have pedal reflectors . No problem . Schwinn simply made the pedals with reflectors , as required by law . And then , they made the separate black synthetic-rubber blocks available WITHOUT any reflectors . The pedals are fully serviceable - but of course ! The pedals are of very high quality . The initials "A S" appear on the outer caps . You will need to swap out the spindles . What spindles fit ? I don't know .

Look for the pedals , and the replacement rubber blocks , on eBay , usually every week .

Or ,

There is the very nice man named Sheldon Brown , who sometimes makes really wonderful things happen .

There are some who think he is almost wizard-like , in his ability to make things happen , in the world of bicycle bits . . .

Scroll down to , "MKS Rubber Pedals With Reflectors" .

Scroll down to , "MKS Rubber Pedals Without Reflectors" .

"If you NEVER ride at night . . . "

Or ,

Go to :

Click on "ACCESSORIES" .

Click on "Cranks and Pedals" .

The pedals are of amazingly high quality , and are made in India .

NOTE - to service ANY rubber block pedal - there is usually NO separate "dust cap" . Instead , you will need to unbolt the entire "end cap" . To unbolt the end cap , you will need to loosen the nuts at the ends of the long bolts which hold the rubber blocks in place . It's extremely easy , once you see things from a different viewpoint . But , if you are looking for a separate "dust cap" you may be fooled into thinking that they are not serviceable . It's just a different way of accessing . And , it's all nuts and bolts , nothing to "pry off" .

Cheers ,
Raoul Delmare
Marysville Kansas

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> Rubber block pedals???
> Yeah, I'm afraid so and they actually are for a bike that would fit the
> definition of this list. I am working on a neo-classic Porteur bike which
> requires rubber block pedals. I am wondering whether anyone knows of a
> make/vintage of rubber block pedals in 9/16" that have decent bearings and a
> cap that will allow access to the bearings??
> The best I have found were some older Union bow types, which look great, but
> have no way to access the bearings. I have seen some beautiful examples of
> these pedals on old commute bikes in Paris, but of course the pedal thread
> is wrong and I imagine they would nearly impossible to find in this country.
> I know this isn't a very exciting topic, and Faliero and Alberto would have
> little to say about it, but if anyone can point me in the right direction, I
> would very much appreciate it.
> Bryant Bainbridge
> Portland, Orygun