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Also available on-line for those without easy access to a hard copy. Try this link: sition= I am not certain the link works, as I had to "subscribe" to gain access. It is free though. Richard Rose (Toledo, Ohio) P.S. I wonder if the "zebra stripe" comment could possibly refer to Cippo's latest ride?

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there's a nice front page article in today's paper, a.k.a. The New York Times, about production methods, etcetera, at Steinway Piano Company. it's worth buying a copy.

snipped: "That's the way it's been for 150 years at Steinway. That unchanging process is one reason that Steinway's factory, once a showplace of innovation, is now something of a time capsule for manufacturing methods that other industries left in the rush to automation - so much so that Steinway's manufacturing director, Andrew Horbachevsky, describes what goes on at the factory as "antimanufacturing."

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