Re: [CR]Component compatibility with frame issue

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Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 12:08:51 -0700 (PDT)
From: Derek Willburn <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Component compatibility with frame issue
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Ray, Sounds like you have a Pinarello "Funny" bike with the 24" front wheel. Try the plastic sheething that comes inside cable housing to help guide and protect the cable through the frame and bottom bracket. It is a time trial frame, so they probably expect the second ring to be bigger than a 39 -try a 42.
Derek Willburn
Long Beach CA

--- wrote:

> Here is a new one for me. I have a Pinarello frame

\r?\n> that I just installed a

\r?\n> vintage set of Shimano 600 components on. When I

\r?\n> tried out the shifting I

\r?\n> find that the chain rubs on the bottom back stop of

\r?\n> the front derailleur.

\r?\n> I then went to my parts bin and took out a vintage

\r?\n> Campy front and tried

\r?\n> it and the same thing. It seems that the smaller

\r?\n> chain ring is too small

\r?\n> and causes the chain to bottom out on the

\r?\n> derailleur. I cannot lower the

\r?\n> derailleur any more as it then hits the larger ring

\r?\n> when shifting. What's

\r?\n> up with that? The frame is the type where all the

\r?\n> tubes slope inward,

\r?\n> could that be the issue. Also the cable routing is

\r?\n> internal so there is

\r?\n> not a lot of room to play with. A funny side note

\r?\n> about the internal cable

\r?\n> routing. I thought most manufactures would have

\r?\n> guides internally to help

\r?\n> route a new cable. Much to my surprise, I found that

\r?\n> there were no cable

\r?\n> guides and I had to remove the BB to re cable the

\r?\n> derailleurs. I also

\r?\n> noticed that there is no protection for the cables

\r?\n> inside the BB shell.

\r?\n> They actually rub against the raw tubing as they go

\r?\n> from the down tube to

\r?\n> the chain stay and seat tube. Lousy design if you

\r?\n> ask me.


\r?\n> Ray Homiski

\r?\n> Elizabeth, NJ