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Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 15:43:49 -0400
From: "Grant McLean" <>
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I hear this same kind of stuff everyday.

For example, our store sells items that cost a lot of money, and therefore some people will immediately assume that our prices are "high" and the products we sell aren't good value. In fact its quite difficult to find the same items we sell, for less money. While we are known to sell high quality stuff, some people simply substitute the idea we're "expensive".

Price alone is often a poor indication value,

Grant McLean Toronto.Ca

Steven Maasland wrote:

Kauzo is a collector who also works as a broker and therefore purchases many items for resale to others. Contrary to what everybody believes, he rarely pays over the necessary. I doubt there is anything that he purchases which he doesn't truly want for his own collection or where he doesn't already have a buyer lined up. I have great respect for him as he knows exactly what he wants and what a 'fair' price in Japan is. I suppose the definition of 'fair' may vary in New Zealand, or the US where most CR listmembers are located and that the Japanese price is invariably higher in Japan. I therefore wouldn't be overly proud of outbidding Kauzo on anything that he truly wants. Hopefully, he was solely bookmarking the auction with a lowball bid or was attempting to purchase something for himself.