Re: [CR]concerning spoke holes

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Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 01:04:35 EDT
Subject: Re: [CR]concerning spoke holes

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> Hi all, As a 172 lb. rider, is it sensible for me to use 28 hole, high
> flange hubs? If so, should I use a particular lacing pattern? (X3,X4?) I don't
> race, average 100-150 mi.@wk.,& like to honk up our short, but sometimes steep
> Tennessee hills. I'm debating buying a pair of C-Record H.F. 28 hole hubs.

Buy the hubs, but the most you will get with 28s is 3X. You can use 3x on the drive side rear (14 butted) and 2X (15 butted) on the off side rear and front if you want. Radial spoking voids the warranty (hah!) and is rough on the flanges and more likely to crack them. I'd LOVE a pair of those hubs if you find
a second set!
Stevan Thomas
Alameda, CA