Re: [CR]Source for 21 mm cone wrench?

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Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 16:45:34 +0200
From: Renaissance-Cycles <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Source for 21 mm cone wrench?
To:, Jan Heine <>
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I had this same problem! Problem solved quick and easy! I ran a 20mm Park wrench right up a 20mm grinding wheel! The 20 mm grinding wheel was a little bit bigger than 20mm, zapped it real fast and I had my 21mm wrench! Nice even cut, cleaned it up a little and it fitted just fine. I know the wheels in the States are probable sized different! Do note! Wear gloves eye protection and be careful!

This only happened by chance.

BC..................And the gang!!
Renaissance cycles,
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From: "Jan Heine"
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Subject: [CR]Source for 21 mm cone wrench?

> Listmembers,
> I need a thin 21 mm wrench. Doesn't need to be quite as thin as a
> cone wrench. It's for a locknut on a BB spindle, so it must fit
> between the BB shell and the outer locknut. I'd say 3 mm max.
> thickness.
> Looking through the VAR catalog, I see 22 mm and up for BBs, and up
> to 18 mm cone wrenches.
> I know Park makes a 20 mm cone wrench. But no 21s!
> I guess I could buy a standard 21 mm wrench (if available - my
> wrenches skip that size and go from 20 to 22 mm!), and grind it
> thinner.
> Thanks for your help.
> Jan Heine, Seattle