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For sure concerning later Model 3000s roughly around '86, there was 2 different offerings of different colors. White with red head tube aera we're to be made in Mexico, white with blue head tube aera were made in Italy. They both looked the same and from what I can remember there was no sticker with the country of orgin? This was passed onto me when I questioned why the difference in price between the 2 different colored '3000s!? Difference was about $ 40.- U.S dollars.

Better stop there...........................Out of the time line deal!

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> > Ok, so how does one tell a Mexican Benotto from an Italian made one?
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> To rephrase: If the "made in" decals are missing and one doesn't have the
> model names memorized; anything else to look for?
> Were they using same lugs, dropouts, etc.?
> Flea market scenario: There is just one Benotto, seller doesn't know
> anything, apparently I don't either, buy or pass?
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