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Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 04:49:24 +0200

No problems here with the park stand as well!...............20 plus years and not a problem at all!...................You treat it nice and it will return the favor! You treat it wrong and it will bite a chunk off of your tail end!

BTW: For thoughs who dares! Build your own stand! C-CLAMP, old bed framing and some scrap pipes nuts and bolts, if you like a cool small car steering wheel! You get all the thrills of a shop stand! Of course you'll need the ''HEAT!'' as well! This was a '78 high school projets and they are still in use with 2 of of my friends.

Anyway you cut the C-clamp in half weld them to the upper and lower side of I believe a square 2'' square section. If need so depeding on your like you can cut off a section of the long screw of the C-clamp and add a round valve handle. drill and tap a hole, screw down the handle and finish it off by welding it On. The lower and uppers of the clamping faces you weld some sections of angle iron ( Old bed framing! ) Pad as needed, rubber tube sections or what ever you think best. This is now worked into a round pipe that it fits snugly, maybe 18'' to 20'' long. This then is inserted into a bigger section of pipe! As like the higher end riggs! You now have a 360 rotation. Now the bigger section needs to be drilled to be able for a bolt to pass through! Now a nut of needed size needs to be welded over the hole. then a big bolt is needed! It threads through the nut and outer section, clamping onto the inner tube section. Inner tube can be grooved to catch the bolt!........If like this is where the small rubber gripped car racing steering wheel comes in! Nice flywheel type of working with a good grip. Be creative. Or just weld a rod to the top of a bolt............Depending on the size of the bolt and the size of the head of the nut! The head of the nut can also be drilled through in order to pass a straight rod though it. ( No harden steel nut here! ) . Fix ends to keep the rod from falling out. Again, be creative! Now you have your choice of locking systems! When all said and done you now have your work head!.....The base, bed angle iron. Triangle of I think 30'' Attatch the post to one of the inner corners. Base, wood perhaps 1 1/2'' cut to fit within the base framing, screw down from the bottom side, counter sink screw holes so no heads are recessed. Now attach the head!................This is the basics, fix and mend where needed. Even some wheels o nthe back side?!?!?!

What's even more cooler is a work head with a big vise grip used as the clamping unit, S shaped section with about 75% of the rigg being chromed!................Of course with a friend in a plating shop! WOW!.............HIGH SCHOOL PROJECTS!..........Other projects, dual tandam rack hanging off of the back end of a van, motor stands, cherry pickers, weight benches, squat racks and a 3 section '36 rope sled for the foot ball team...........Boy the hated me for this one!.............Not bad for a 17 year old making $ 15.- an hour back in '78!................Very cool!

Baron C...................And the gang!!
Renaissance cycles,
Eindhoven Holland.

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> No votes for the ELDI stand? cast iron boat anchor that was
> all there really was besides the PARK stand. I have a PARK race stand
> and think it GREAT but maybe I am more carefull than the average
> gorilla.
> where the sun finally came out to play today