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Hey, speaking of do-it-yur-damn-self...

You have some benches and chairs we could use for theater seats and I have a blanket we could use as a stage curtain and we could use this carton here as a lecturn... hey, let's put on a three day VINTAGE LIGHTWEIGHT BIKE EVENT!!!!!!!!

Just a few more months til Velo Rendezvous in Pasadena, California (Oct 3,4,5).

Check it out:

Chuck "Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland have nuthin' on us" Schmidt South Pasadena, California

Renaissance Cycles wrote:
> No problems here with the park stand as well!...............20 plus years
> and
> not a problem at all!...................You treat it nice and it will return
> the favor!
> You treat it wrong and it will bite a chunk off of your tail end!
> BTW: For thoughs who dares! Build your own stand! C-CLAMP, old bed framing
> and some scrap pipes
> nuts and bolts, if you like a cool small car steering wheel! You get all the
> thrills of a shop stand!
> Of course you'll need the ''HEAT!'' as well! This was a '78 high school
> projets and they are still
> in use with 2 of of my friends.
> Anyway you cut the C-clamp in half weld them to the upper and lower side of
> I believe a square
> 2'' square section. If need so depeding on your like you can cut off a
> section of the long screw of the
> C-clamp and add a round valve handle. drill and tap a hole, screw down the
> handle and finish it off
> by welding it On. The lower and uppers of the clamping faces you weld some
> sections of angle
> iron ( Old bed framing! ) Pad as needed, rubber tube sections or what ever
> you think best.
> This is now worked into a round pipe that it fits snugly, maybe 18'' to 20''
> long. This then is inserted into
> a bigger section of pipe! As like the higher end riggs! You now have a 360
> rotation. Now the bigger
> section needs to be drilled to be able for a bolt to pass through! Now a nut
> of needed size needs to be
> welded over the hole. then a big bolt is needed! It threads through the nut
> and outer section, clamping onto
> the inner tube section. Inner tube can be grooved to catch the
> bolt!........If like this is where the small rubber
> gripped car racing steering wheel comes in! Nice flywheel type of working
> with a good grip. Be creative.
> Or just weld a rod to the top of a bolt............Depending on the size of
> the bolt and the size of the head of the nut!
> The head of the nut can also be drilled through in order to pass a straight
> rod though it. ( No harden steel nut here! ) .
> Fix ends to keep the rod from falling out. Again, be creative! Now you have
> your choice of locking systems!
> When all said and done you now have your work head!.....The base, bed angle
> iron. Triangle of I think 30''
> Attatch the post to one of the inner corners. Base, wood perhaps 1 1/2'' cut
> to fit within the base framing,
> screw down from the bottom side, counter sink screw holes so no heads are
> recessed.
> Now attach the head!................This is the basics, fix and mend where
> needed. Even some wheels o nthe back
> side?!?!?!
> What's even more cooler is a work head with a big vise grip used as the
> clamping unit, S shaped section
> with about 75% of the rigg being chromed!................Of course with a
> friend in a plating shop!
> WOW!.............HIGH SCHOOL PROJECTS!..........Other projects, dual tandam
> rack hanging off of the
> back end of a van, motor stands, cherry pickers, weight benches, squat racks
> and a 3 section '36 rope sled for the
> foot ball team...........Boy the hated me for this one!.............Not bad
> for a 17 year old making $ 15.- an hour
> back in '78!................Very cool!
> BC
> Baron C...................And the gang!!
> Renaissance cycles,
> Eindhoven Holland.
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> > No votes for the ELDI stand? cast iron boat anchor that was
> > all there really was besides the PARK stand. I have a PARK race stand
> > and think it GREAT but maybe I am more carefull than the average
> > gorilla.
> > where the sun finally came out to play today