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Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 20:32:55 -0400

Annie Girl, Get some "letraset" brand lettering from your local art supply and go to town! Your name , my name, whatever you like! Easy to apply. Its a BIG catalogue, so be prepared to spend some time. Gold lettering sounds nice to me. That's the way I did it.

John T.Pergolizzi

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> Oh no! here we go, its the Japanese mystery bike again!
> So I never did figure out what it was.
> Now I'm going to paint it and build it up with my fabulous Dura Ace group
> from the early 70s (centerpull brakes and all!), and I have to figure out
> how to paint it. I think red is the color. I know I want to give it a
> white head tube and I'm wondering what other little paint features might be
> ok for a Japanese bike from the early 70s. I'm all enamored with panels
> these days having just gotten a bike with panels and having another in
> progress with panels. I don't have any decals for the bike though, not
> knowing what it is exactly, and panels are nice because they let you
> highlight the manufacturer's name or logo. Are empty panels too empty? I'm
> not spending tons of money on this paint job, its gonna be a "training"
> paint job for someone.
> So what do you all think? Plain panels, or does someone have some random
> Japanese transfers that need a home? Or does anyone have any other
> brilliant, vintage, ideas that will give my painter some practice and let
> me finish this bike? Or should I just stop with two bikes with panels
> before I paint my vintage MTB with panels too?
> Ann Phillips, Decatur GA - where it rains too much and bikes need panels.