Re: [CR] Bike Cult Site , drilled fork tips

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Subject: Re: [CR] Bike Cult Site , drilled fork tips
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 11:29:20 -0500

Exactly my thinking .

Not liking that mod. on the Schwinn front one .

Doing it on the rear edge of a big-old flat-plate rear one doesn't seem so terrible , from a purely engineering point of view . I've seen that several times , from the original builders of fixed-gear road bicycles . And of course , I've seen it done to fixed-gear bicycles , both road and track , that never had such drilling originally .

As a modification , done on an old fixed-gear bicycle , engineering-wise , it's not such a bad thing .
>From the historical accuracy point of view however . . .

Raoul Delmare Marysville Kansas

( and purely as a little P.S. footnote )

( hey Brian B. , psssssttttt - are you doing any custom paint jobs on personalized custom drum sticks ?? ;^)

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From: "Dennis Ryan"
Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2003 9:29 AM
Subject: RE: [CR] Bike Cult Site , drilled fork tips

> I don't recall ever seeing a Campagnolo (or any) fork tip drilled for
> fenders like the one on the Bike Cult site
> ( ... Maybe I'm just squeamish, but
> I don't like the look of it. I know that's a strong area, and a Schwinn fork
> to boot, but it also receives very high stress. Wouldn't the torque from the
> spinning wheel tend to compress that very area? And that's not considering
> the additional stress of bumps, etc. Not that I'd ever do it, but what if
> one came across such a frame? It just seems like one of the less intelligent
> places to drill a hole on a bicycle.
> Dennis Ryan
> Louisville, KY